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Traditional Short Stories
The Green Door by O. Henry (2,745 words)
A man is standing outside a building distributing cards promoting an upstairs dentist’s office. The card he hands to Rudolf contains the words: “The Green Door”. Rudolf goes inside and knocks on the only green door he can find. This leads to a series of events that could change his life forever.
The Enormous Radio by John Cheever (4,400 words)
A seemingly contented couple’s life changes when a malfunctioning radio begins to pick up conversations from people in surrounding apartments. Video
The Fat Girl – Andre Dubus (6.429 words)
This story highlights the psychological damage that can arise when young people are shamed for not fitting community or cultural norms.
The Devil and Tom Walker – Washington Irving (4.800 words)
The major theme of this story is greed. Other themes include storytelling, usury, religion and hypocrisy. A miserly, poverty-stricken man (Tom Webster) meets “Old Scratch” (the Devil) as he takes a short-cut home through a swamp.
The Artist – Rabindranath Tagore (2,053 words)
Embrace your passions and don’t let the criticism of others or worship of money stand in your way.
Everything That Rises Must Converge – Flannery O’Connor (6,467 words)
Flannery O’connor is known for emphasizing her themes through flawed, often thoroughly dislikeable characters. In this story, she has paired a bigoted mother living in the past with a callous, disrespectful son.
AUDIO 42 Minutes

Science Fiction
We Shall Not Be Bitter at the End of the World by David Anaxagoras (2988 Words)
It’s my twelfth birthday and we’re all waiting for Wormwood and everyone is here and I mean everyone. Me and Mom and Dad and Big Pa which is my grandpa who was the strong man at one of the last traveling carnivals in America, and Bigfoot of course, and a swarm of killer bees collectively named Kyle who aren’t really so mean.
Cat Pictures Please by Naomi Kritzer (3420 words)
An explanation as to why there are so many cat pictures on the Internet ane elsewhere.
All Summer in a Day – Ray Bradbury (1,936 words)
The climate in this story, set on the planet Venus, features almost constant rain. The only break comes every seven years, when there are two hours of sunshine. The children of the Earth space travel families on the planet are all looking forward to playing outside during the short break.
To Carry You Inside You by Tia Tashiro (7330 words)
Beautifully written but a bit sensitive perhaps since it deals with artificial life after death.
AUDIO 42 Minutes
All You Zombies – Robert Heinlein (4,667 words)
Despite the title, this fascinating story from science fiction writer Robert Heinlein has nothing to do with zombies of the “walking dead” kind. Rather, it is a cleverly constructed brainteaser that explores some potential problems and paradoxes of time-travel.
AUDIO 28 Minutes
The Moon Rabbi by David Ebenbach
You see things differently when you're on the moon.
AUDIO26 Minutes
A Life of Color by N.V. Haskell
Laura’s job with the Department of Magical Resources has left her no time or desire for human connection but when a mysterious magical infant is thrust into her care, she is forced to confront elements of her painful past.
AUDIO 38 Minutes


Jack-in-the-Box by Ray Bradbury
Edwin uses their windows as portals to glimpse the world beyond. He is unsuccessful in this task until he discovers the door open to a forbidden room. Upon entry, he climbs the spiral staircase to the tower, and looks out the windows. Very allegorical. 35 Minutes Audio only 14 Minutes
The Egg – Andy Weir (997 Words)
The story comprises a conversation between “god” and a dead man about the meaning and purpose of life (to grow his soul through new experiences), and his place in the universe.

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